Murielle Volo

Hair prosthetist and energetic hairdresser (Tricothérapy)

Beyond the diplomas and training I acquired during my studies and years of practice, my approach allowed me very early on to be enriched by meaningful encounters and human experiences that determined my path towards generous support.

After several years spent improving my skills in the field of beauty as a whole, I became interested and opened myself to another sector, that of “body image.” Working with people suffering from obesity has made me understand its importance, which will lead me to develop a different approach to self-image.

In 2008, I developed my skills in hair reconstruction and wig making, a field in which benevolent accompaniment finds its full meaning.

Passionate about the subject, I never stop researching and testing natural products to set up care protocols.

It is this need to understand the matter that led me to train myself in energetic hair care, otherwise known as Trichothérapy Ò.

I intervene at the Centre OTIUM as a hair prosthetist to accompany you during hair loss and as an energetic hairdresser to stimulate regrowth after treatments.

Mes thérapieS

Centre OTIUM - Rive Gauche
Centre OTIUM - Rive Gauche