Committed to reconciling cancer and employment

By giving employers the opportunity to actively support their employees affected by cancer, we have developed an innovative partnership project. This includes free services for employees and HR training for their managers. Aiming to better reconcile work and disease.

A response adapted to the changing face of society

In Switzerland today, 250,000 people are living with cancer. It is estimated that they will number 500,000 by 2035. Among them are working men and women, and young people still at school. With this in mind, in September 2021 the Foundation created and developed a "Corporate Partnership" with a threefold objective: to support employees and their loved ones during and after the illness, to train Human Resources teams and managers in supporting people affected by cancer, and to encourage a return to work that takes into account the (new) diversity of their needs.

A responsible approach

Launched in September 2021, in collaboration with La FER and Groupe Mutuel, this partnership is winning over more and more Geneva employers who are convinced of the need to put in place an appropriate framework for managing this long-term illness. For some, it's an obvious response to their responsibility as employers. For others, it's a concrete and welcome alternative when an employee's care is limited, due to a lack of resources or an appropriate in-house structure.


Employees affected by the disease or family caregivers discover more than 40 therapies at their own pace They benefit from :

  • Individual therapies, reimbursed by basic or supplementary insurance.
  • A range of 25 group courses, entirely donated by the Foundation
  • Counseling sessions (3 for patients, 2 for relatives)
  • Extended opening hours to suit working hours (access before 8:00 a.m. and after 6:00 p.m.)

We also offer a tailor-made training course entitled "Cancer & Work".
This training course is designed for Human Resources teams and employees in managerial positions. It combines :

  • Theoretical input: to develop knowledge about cancer today and encourage the sharing of information.
  • Basic tools: to encourage active listening and understanding of needs.
  • Practical exercises involving role-playing and case studies: to measure the impact of the disease on the person concerned, as well as on those around him or her, at home and at work.

Would you be interested in the Business Partnership of the Fondation OTIUM?

Send an email at , by indicating:

  • The number of persons employed by your enterprise
  • Those employees who are interested in the training course.

“The idea of this partnership is simple: by partnering with OTIUM, you help improve the framework conditions of the disease in the working world, while also favouring healing and return to work”


, said Olivier Sandoz,
Directeur adjoint, FER Genève

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