Since its creation, the OTIUM Foundation has been committed to dialogue with the medical world. We wanted to benefit from the skills and scientific advice of renowned specialists, who ensure the relevance of our therapies and the expertise of our therapists.

Prof. Dr med. Omar Kherad

Specialist in general internal medicine, member of the FMH, Hôpital de La Tour

Prof. Guido Bondolfi

Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Faculty of Medicine, Geneva, Head of Liaison Psychiatry and Crisis Intervention, Department of Mental Health and Psychiatry, Geneva University Hospitals

Dr med. Angela Pugliesi Rinaldi

Specialist in medical oncology and general internal medicine, member FMH, Hôpital de La Tour

Prof. Dr med. François Pralong

Specialist in endocrinology-diabetology and general internal medicine, Hôpital de La Tour. Honorary Professor, Faculty of Medicine and Biology, University of Lausanne

Prof. Jane Royston

Member of several boards of foundations and technology companies, as well as the Swiss Science Council CSS

Dr med. Francis Meier

Senior physician, emergency department, Hôpital de La Tour. Specialist in general internal medicine, spec. hospital emergency medicine (SSMUS), FMH member

Dr med. Graziella Pacetti

FMH Surgery, AFC Acupuncture, MTS ASA and DIU Auriculotherapy

Dr Med. Alexandre Bodmer

Médecin oncologue FMH, spécialiste dans le domaine du cancer du sein

Dr Med. David Benzaquen

Médecin chef, service de radio-oncologie de l'Hôtpital de La Tour

Prof. Pierre-Yves Dietrich

Spécialiste FMH, Oncologie médicale, Hirshlanden Clinique des Grangettes
Centre OTIUM - Rive Gauche
Centre OTIUM - Rive Gauche