The OTIUM Foundation was born of a personal story and key encounters

In 2011, Linda Kamal was diagnosed with breast cancer. In parallel with her medical treatment, she felt the need to recharge her batteries, and sought the help of various therapists who calmed her fears and doubts, and helped her regain the energy she needed to embark on a long and fragile journey, both physically and emotionally. Months passed and she resumed her professional activity. To those who ask, she tells of her journey, but also of a crazy dream she had during treatment: the desire to create a place she had missed. A place that would bring together the therapists she met. A place to live, open to all, to people affected by cancer as well as to their loved ones and caregivers. Philanthropists are sensitive to her approach. They helped him undertake a long feasibility study and put his project on track.

The OTIUM Foundation was born in 2017. A non-profit collecting foundation, recognized as being in the public interest. Today, some 3,800 people have already passed through the doors of our centers. The story is just beginning.

Centre OTIUM - Rive Gauche
Centre OTIUM - Rive Gauche