Dr Sophie Haaz

Acupuncturist and auriculotherapist

I completed an FMH in General Internal Medicine in Geneva and practiced for many years as a family doctor.

At the same time, I trained in Psychosomatic Medicine, Acupuncture and Auriculotherapy within a framework recognized by the FMH, enabling me to engage in integrative medicine based on recognized scientific evidence and covered by the AOS (LAMal).

Since 2009, I’ve also been developing a regular personal meditation practice (mindfulness, vipassana, compassion) and have trained as an MBSR (Mindfulness based stress reduction program) instructor.

I am present at the OTIUM Center for individual auriculotherapy and acupuncture consultations, and also offer a health support therapy group based on a mindfulness meditation practice.

Mes thérapieS

Centre OTIUM - Rive Gauche
Centre OTIUM - Rive Gauche