Sonia Tedesco

Qi gong and Tai Chi teacher

After several years of gymnastics, I discovered martial arts through Japanese Jujitsu, which I practiced until the brown belt.

In 2002, I discovered the internal arts within the Sakura School through the practice of Kenjukai Goshin Dô (actual Long Chuan kung fu) and Taï Shin Ki Hô (Tai chi Qi gong). I follow the teaching of Gérald Ansart and Alain Jacopino and take part in Kenji Tokitsu’s workshops. I then completed my practice with Sambo and Brazilian Jujitsu.

As a nurse by profession, I am interested in other approaches to health, particularly the energetic approach of Japanese and Chinese cultures. To do so, I trained in Shiatsu and obtained the Shiatsu Practitioner Diploma in 2007. I then trained in an energetic technique of emotional release called Etiomedecine. My passion for the internal arts and my interest in health and well-being practices naturally lead me to follow the training as a trainer in TaiChi, QiGong, and Chinese Yoga.

Mes thérapieS

Centre OTIUM - Rive Gauche
Centre OTIUM - Rive Gauche