Caroline BRENOT

Professional coach & Bikram Yoga addict




On site Mondays
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Monday - Coaching in reconciling cancer & professional career

Monday - Career guidance, Thematic workshops, 12h15-13h45, Once/month

Cancer and work are two words that don't go well together—cancer changes all aspects of life, including employment.

And yet, during the treatments, working allows you to keep your identity, to be active (the opposite of being a patient), to stay in touch with others and to feel and be useful.

After the treatments, returning to work is seen as a sign of "getting back to normal," and there are many changes to be faced, both personally and in the company.

No one is prepared. The path is often lonely.

How to reconcile cancer and work? Continue to work? Go back to work after the treatments? Talk about it or not? What to do about it?

I am here to accompany those who are confronted with these questions through coaching, workshops, and information sessions. Whether you have a current job position, on sick leave, looking for work, or professional retraining: cancer and work, it is possible!

Don't let cancer ruin your professional life.

Being a professional coach and the founder of the Work & Cancer Balance association, I am also a human resources professional reintegration specialist in an association for work integration. Before all that, I was the COO in the financial industry and, in a previous life, a notary. Having had two cancers, I now use my competencies and my professional life at your service in your professional wellbeing.