Good for the mind

A healthy mind is key to a healthy body. This is obvious, and all the more so when you’re struck by illness. Understanding cancer and its consequences, regaining self-confidence and control, expressing yourself, setting your own course, Centre OTIUM offers you all that.

“The body is also healed through the mind.” 


In your daily life, through coaching and psychological support you will find answers to your questions.


Beauty treatments, hair care and wigs; simple solutions to cope with change.


Yoga, meditation, sophrology and hypnosis; let yourself go!


Art therapy, music therapy, discussion groups; when talking things through helps you move forward.


A wealth of information about cancer, therapies and how to better live with disease.


A living and meeting space for those seeking a break, to relax or just catch up.

Alternative therapies, diet, treatment preparation. See also:

Good for the body