Good for the body

Taking care of oneself. Keeping active. Things as simple as they are beneficial to deal with the disease with serenity. Between alleviation and relief, Centre OTIUM gives your body the best support possible, by helping you to regain your strength while doing you good.

“To listen to your body is to accept it as it is”

Complementary medicine

Physiotherapy, osteopathy, reflexology, physiotherapy or acupuncture, rediscover your well being through a complementary treatment.


Diets, naturopathy or aromatherapy; give yourself a taste for life by eating appropriately.

Physical activity

Personal programme, regaining movement, regaining fitness, a way of staying active either individually or in a group.


Side-effects, preparation for treatment and complementary therapies, help to better deal with the physical effects of the disease.

Beauty, relaxation, self-expression and daily life.
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Good for the mind